Yeezy Foam RNNR

Yeezy Foam RNNR

Since its release in 2020, the Yeezy Foam Runner has been a must-have for shoe collectors. It caught people’s attention instantly. Yeezy’s running shoes stand out for their environmental friendliness and design. These shoes have no laces and are made from eco-friendly materials. In 2019, designer Kanye West’s daughter North West wore the Yeezy Foam Runner shoes, which sparked rumors about the shoes. In addition to its original release on June 26, 2020, the shoe has been re-released in more colorways.


Yeezy Foam Runner shoes have no laces or moving parts. The design is similar to adidas Yeezy 700 sneakers. These shoes feature algae material and EVA foam, which makes them unique. Having sustainable products was West’s goal with these design choices.

Yeezy Foam Runners are also comfortable. Whether you wear the shoe around the house or on the town, it provides a lot of support. Yeezy Foam Runners were made with comfort and sustainability in mind, but were also made to be affordable.


Yeezy Foam Runner’s design is also noteworthy. Not only are the colorways eye-catching, but the design is also Croc-inspired. Even the top and sides of the sneaker have holes that show through.

The parts aren’t movable. Shoes do not require laces or zippers to be worn. The top of the shoe is very rounded, leaving extra room for the foot around the ankle. However, there is still extra breathing room for the entire foot.

Different colorways

Since its original release in 2020, the adidas Yeezy brand has offered the Yeezy Foam Runners in multiple colorways. One of the most popular options this year was Mineral Blue. Dark blue was tonal throughout. The Sand colorway is also available, as is the brown and tan combination.